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Buy Sell Side Advisory Placement

Buy/Sell Side Advisory

Pace Global assists clients in the execution of various strategic acquisition and asset sales initiatives. We support corporate and private equity clients with a broad network and expansive database of sector-specific target identification and screening across domestic and international markets. We also represent the sell side of assets, screening and identifying strategic and financial interests in such assets and their preferred structure to maximize value.

On the buy side, Pace Global identifies, screens and evaluates strategic acquisition targets, conducts criteria fit analysis and due diligence, and establishes an initial valuation range and acquisition strategy.

In supporting client buy or sell-side interests, Pace Global provides an assessment of peer group comparable sales, market multiple benchmarks, synergy effects and other acquisition value elements.  In addition, Pace Global assists in the development of re-organization and execution strategies for capital restructuring and turnarounds, including advisory as relates to bridge lending and acquisition financing where applicable.


For more information, please contact:
Bo Poats at 703.818.9100 or via email.