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Energy and Carbon Management

Energy & Carbon Management - Case Study

Energy Purchasing for the Central Pennsylvania Energy Consortium (CPEC)

Service Category: Energy Supply Management
Market Sector: Industrials / Manufacturing  / Commercials
Region: United States / Canada

Key Objective:
A consortium of more than 150 public and private nonprofit organizations needed to leverage their combined purchasing power to obtain competitive pricing for natural gas and electricity. 

Our Role in the Project:
The Central Pennsylvania Energy Consortium (CPEC) hired Pace Global to assist them in the strategic sourcing of natural gas and electricity in a deregulated market environment. Pace Global analyzed the needs of the CPEC portfolio and determined that by aggregating consumption across the entire CPEC membership, the client would be able to attract more vendors to participate in its bidding process. Upon approval of Pace Global’s procurement recommendation, Pace Global executed a series of procurement events of behalf of CPEC’s membership that were successful in capturing low cost energy supply through the establishment of a ultra-competitive bidding process. In addition to event execution, Pace Global supports CPEC by providing an array of value-enhanced services, including RFP structuring, bid analysis, and contract negotiation. Pace Global also provide CPEC members ongoing invoice validation to ensure energy supply bills are timely accurate.  

Through the competitive bidding process administered by Pace Global, consortium members have reduced their electricity and natural gas costs by as much as 15%. Over a year period, Pace Global services have produced a combined savings of $3 Million for CPEC members.