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Capital Sourcing and Structuring

Capital Structuring Advisory

Pace Global provides clients with advisory financial structuring services, effectively positioning projects for privately placed debt or equity.  Pace Global's extensive capital network and expertise enable us to efficiently position assets for capital investment.  We effectively structure, screen and evaluate the market for debt and equity capital consistent with client capital and control objectives.  Pace Global works closely with clients to commercially structure assets in order to enhance investment quality and to  establish a course of action consistent with our clients’ financial objectives.

Pace Global supports or leads the preparation of offering materials, structuring term sheets and managing investor interest from initial packaging to closing.  Pace Global provides clients with commercial structuring guidance and execution support to enhance market value. Pace Global also engages the investment community and other project or company stakeholders to establish and further enhance asset value through the creation of a bankable set of commercial arrangements.  Pace Global coordinates project support among engineering, accounting, legal and other experts in the development of project contracts and the preparation of a private placement documents, including a comprehensive description of the company, key contracts, operations and financial structure, risk elements and mitigation features, performance standards, assurances and a well-supported  value proposition. 


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