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Energy Asset Management Firm

Energy Asset Management

Energy asset owners are faced with unprecedented market uncertainty, regulatory change, and environmental compliance obligations. Because we are continuously active in all major energy markets and manage nearly 7,000+ MW of load and/or generation and over 300 Bcf of annual natural gas consumption, Pace Global is able to  stay current with structural market changes and impactful regulation that influence energy asset firm operations and long-term value. Municipalities, GENCO’s, financial institutions and universities have come to rely on us to manage their energy assets 

Pace Global’s core differentiator is our ability to integrate the necessary commercial, fuel, power, technical, and energy risk management skills to meet the unique and dynamic needs of our clients. We are entirely independent and sit firmly on the same side of table as our clients. Equally important is our commitment to customer service and value creation. We take great pride in aligning with our client’s business objectives and delivering value. We recognize that hiring Pace Global to supplement or fully outsource your asset management responsibilities is a calculated leap of faith and it is our responsibility to earn your confidence and exceed your expectations.

By leveraging our extensive market presence, we are able to provide complete energy asset management services in a highly cost effective manner, often at a fraction of what is required of internal resources. Pace Global’s energy experts and energy operations center are equipped to provide around the clock support and are essential elements of our energy asset management capability, ensuring responsive dispatch operations, clear communication and the ability to respond quickly to unplanned outages. Through our network of partners, Pace Global is able to provide complete asset management capability including ongoing O&M services.

Our energy asset management services cover a broad domain of value-added and value-creation activities, including Energy Load Management, Energy Generation Management and Energy Risk Management.