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Infrastructure Development Group

Infrastructure Development Support

Deep understanding of fossil generation, renewable energy, and fuels infrastructure

Pace Global offers clients a full range of capabilities with respect to energy asset development. We are able to lead or support projects ranging from conventional power to industrial cogeneration, distributed generation, renewable fuel, and power technologies. We do this by tapping into a wealth of experience that ranges from due diligence review, technology evaluation, and risk assessment to contract negotiations, supply & transport planning, and financing assistance. Leveraging our experience working with developers, utilities, energy companies, and financial institutions, we can use these unique perspectives in order to assure the viability of each project we execute. We seamlessly meld superior technical know-how with expert knowledge of transactions and the markets to ensure our client expectations are successfully met.

Through The Power of Integration, we offer expert energy asset development advice and support in Feasibility Analysis, Renewable Resource Assessment, Contract Structuring & Negotiations, and Owners Engineering & Project Management.