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Industry decision-makers rely on Pace Global as a trusted advisor and partner in an increasingly complex, global, and evolving energy marketplace. We serve a diverse client base throughout the world and our exceptional energy professionals enable us to offer insightful market, strategic, and tactical perspectives. We work closely with our clients to define strategies and implement solutions, helping them to maximize value and manage risk in today’s energy and environmental markets.

Energy Asset Developers

Successful energy asset development requires a high level of commitment along with deep market knowledge to position a project for unique value creation. Expertise in managing technical risks and commercial strategies throughout the development process and creativity in community & stakeholder relations, equipment contracting, and financial structuring is of utmost importance to the success of a project. Integrated capabilities in disciplines as diverse as engineering, regulatory advisory, energy market assessments, contract negotiations, and finance are required to accelerate the development schedule. From conceptualization to commercialization, Pace Global has the depth and breadth of development expertise necessary to support all phases of a project’s requirements.

Energy Companies

Sustainable growth and value creation in the evolving energy sector requires a keen understanding of customer & stakeholder needs, energy resources, core and emerging technologies, and the shifting dynamics in the global markets complemented with deep understanding of regional and local issues. From corporate strategy development, asset acquisitions, divesture analysis, and corporate planning to individual project due diligence and implementation, Pace Global’s team has the full range of capabilities to provide insight, increase value, and manage risk.

Funds/Financial Institutions

Financial challenges and opportunities in the energy sector are significant and require market insight and a keen perspective to identify value creation opportunities, evaluate strategies to capture the value, and mitigate potential risks. By leveraging the depth of its commercial expertise, Pace Global provides deal identification services, on-point valuation analysis and market perspectives to support due diligence and decision-making for a broad array of diverse global energy sector investments.


The global marketplace places tremendous competitive pressures on all commercial and industrial companies and energy is among the most dynamic and volatile costs of doing business. Secure, reliable and cost competitive energy supply that integrates environmental and sustainability goals is a prerequisite to being successful. Many Fortune 500 companies rely on Pace Global’s energy and carbon management services to create value and bring confidence to their energy and sustainability programs. We do so by understanding the specific needs of each customer and applying a custom portfolio of strategic and tactical services. Such services include our high quality energy data management services, energy efficiency assessments and strategic sourcing programs that consider clean and renewable self-generation potential in conjunction with market options. Together, these services create savings, mitigate risk, optimize energy asset value and leverage market insight for the benefit of our clients.


The electric utility industry faces a set of dynamic challenges including changes in market design, increasing environmental regulatory complexity, energy efficiency mandates, deployment of new generation technologies, and new market entrants. Pace Global assists our clients in navigating the complex decisions across all aspects of their energy asset strategies, planning, and management.