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IB MACT Compliance Analysis for Pulp Mill

Clien Need
Client Need:
A forest products company with a pulp mill that was utilizing aging boilers to provide steam and power to the mill required an assessment of boiler options for compliance with proposed stricter Industrial Boiler MACT requirements.


Our Role
Our Role:
The company’s multi-fuel boilers would be unable to meet the stricture emissions limits included in the proposed new Industrial Boiler MACT. Pace Global was engaged to perform a detailed assessment of boiler retrofit, replacement, and expansion options that would bring the boilers into compliance with proposed rules. Pace Global performed detailed technical and economic analyses on emissions control system options, boiler replacement options, fuel switching options, and powerhouse expansion options. Heat and mass balances were developed for each option, performance estimates were prepared and Class 3 capital cost estimates were developed. Pace Global worked with the client to select a short list of the most attractive options for which detailed pro formas were developed to assess capital and operating cost impacts, fuel requirements, and ultimately the cost impact to the facility of complying with the proposed IB MACT rules.


The client continues to develop compliance options.
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