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Solar Resource Assessment

Clien Need
Client Need:
The U.S. Department of Defense sought an assessment of solar resource in support of a project feasibility analysis.

Our Role
Our Role:
Pace Global was retained by the U.S. Department of Defense to assess the value of a site for solar project development. Pace Global performed a full technical and economic feasibility study on the development of a solar PV facility selling power into the Hawaii Feed-in-tariff at the proposed site. Included in the feasibility analysis was a detailed assessment of the solar resource. Utilizing industry standard software for the study, sizing, simulation and data analysis of complete PV systems and solar energy resource databases, Pace Global performed preliminary system sizing, design, and equipment selection for stand-alone or grid tied project options. Analysis included determination of annual system production, shading analysis, system optimization to maximize production, size, or economics, and development of initial system layouts. The output of this analysis was used to evaluate the feasibility of project interconnection, evaluate the project economics, and determine the project finance ability.

Partnership solicitation and project development have been initiated.
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