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Environmental Asset Optimization and Monetization for a Major Developer

Clien Need
Client Need:
A major energy asset developer in North America (United States/Canada) needed to determine if it could receive “green value” for its aged biomass generation plant.

Our Role
Our Role:
Pace Global regularly tracks renewable mandates and associated REC markets to offer sound strategic and commercial advice to its clients. In this case, the client’s aging biomass generation facility precluded it from being able to sell RECs into many local markets. Based on the characteristics of the facility, Pace Global developed an approach to sell the RECs to accessible markets and then prioritized those markets based on their expected value. Pace Global was directed by the client to implement this strategy, which enabled the client, through a legislative nuance, to sell a full year of RECs to a compliance market several states away.

Pace Global devised a market strategy and implementation approach that allowed the client to monetize a full year of RECs despite having an aging biomass facility. This value otherwise would not have been captured by the client.
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