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EU Clean Energy Policy Cost Quantification for a Major Natural Gas Supplier

Clien Need
Client Need:
A major natural gas supplier with ties to EU gas and power markets needed an objective understanding of how EU clean energy policy would impact its operations.

Our Role
Our Role:
On behalf of a large European energy company, Pace Global performed a detailed analysis to quantify the cost of current and proposed policies aimed at incenting renewable energy as a means of reducing carbon emissions. Pace Global analyzed and modeled EU member state- level policies as well as EU-wide targets. Pace Global also quantified the costs of implementing other fuel technologies to reduce carbon emissions, such as natural gas and nuclear generation.

Pace Global’s analysis was used by the client to develop and promote a policy position based on a least-cost means of attaining EU carbon reduction targets. Pace Global was also instrumental in helping the client to formulate an associated asset development strategy that would protect the company against the change in rules.
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