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U.S.-Mexico Pipeline Economics

Clien Need
Client Need:
A leading natural pipeline company was looking to participate in an RFP by the Mexican electricity commission for new cross-border pipelines from Texas.

Our Role
Our Role:
Pace Global assessed the supply and demand for cross-border natural gas pipeline capacity into Mexico on behalf of a client looking to construct new pipeline infrastructure from Texas. As part of this engagement, Pace Global constructed a highly flexible gas transportation supply-demand model, enabling analysis at the country, regional, and state levels. Existing and prospective pipelines and power plants were individually modeled to allow for sensitivities in capacities and in-service dates. Potential pipeline flows from the U.S. border, as well as domestic supplies and LNG imports, were also mapped through the grid and balanced to regional demand centers.

Pace Global’s analysis provided the client with insights on the expected capacity utilization of the pipelines and a deeper understanding of project economics in support of its bid strategy.
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