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LNG-in-Mining Study for a U.S.-Based Infrastructure Development Company

Clien Need
Client Need:
A major U.S. investment and infrastructure development company was seeking a fuel supply strategy to support its investment in a mining complex in the southwestern U.S.

Our Role
Our Role:
Pace Global evaluated the economic and logistical feasibility of using LNG at a mining complex in Nevada.  As part of this engagement, Pace Global leveraged its extensive expertise in natural gas, small-scale LNG (SSLNG), and mining markets and technologies to develop a comprehensive fuel supply strategy that would provide the most benefit in terms of low-cost and low-emissions fuel. The supply plan looked at a variety of potential natural gas applications (e.g., LNG, CNG, pipeline gas, etc.) with the goal of minimizing operational disruption, maximizing fuel supply reliability, and reducing fuel costs. Pace Global leveraged its access to the technical expertise, equipment knowledge, and cost information of Siemens Oil & Gas Solutions to develop a robust and cost-effective fuel supply solution.

In 2015, the client kicked-off the opportunity with a year-long test pilot of LNG-fueled mine hail trucks.
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