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Texas Public Utility Risk Advisory Services

Clien Need
Client Need:
The client needed ongoing risk management advisory service making hedge recommendations and program enhancement recommendations as necessary to reflect changing market and regulatory conditions

Our Role
Our Role:
For a Texas Public Utility, Pace Global provided risk management advisory services for both its retail generation and natural gas distribution businesses. As part of the services provided, Pace Global developed a diversified, multi-commodity risk profile, simulations of different hedge structures, and provided the client with a recommended hedge program for both its natural gas distribution business and its generation business. Furthermore, Pace Global provided a comprehensive review of its existing hedge program governance documentation and updated the client’s policies and procedures as necessary to ensure the appropriate compliance with and oversight of the hedge program. Pace Global continues to provide the client with on-going risk advisory services including access to RiskSpectives® (deal capture and reporting system), quantification & risk metrics monitoring, and as-needed hedge recommendations designed at mitigating the Utility’s natural gas price risk.

The client obtained with implementation and execution support, which had been previously lacking, through Pace Global’s risk advisory services and RiskSpectives® system.
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