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Utility Company Strategic Plan

Clien Need
Client Need:
A regional electric transmission & distribution company faced with declining revenues due to market restructuring needed a strategic plan to establish a platform for sustainable growth.

Our Role
Our Role:
Working closely with both senior and middle-management, Pace Global guided the client through a structured process to define its corporate values, vision, and mission, objectively assess its competitive position, and identify potential strategic alternatives to achieve its goals. Pace Global employed its proprietary NorthSTARTM modeling system to enable the client to evaluate and stress-test the projected outcomes of each strategic alternative on key corporate performance metrics such as EBITDA, credit rating, and free cash flow. We assisted the client in selecting and then optimizing the preferred strategy by testing and refining the timing and scale of key decisions. Pace Global also worked with the client to develop detailed implementation plans including messaging programs and performance monitoring and feedback systems to ensure the strategy stays on-track and yields the expected results.

The client is now executing a clear, achievable strategy that is expected to improve its financial position and achieve steady, meaningful growth over the next ten years while maintaining a moderate risk profile. In addition, the client’s organization has benefitted from a renewed sense of purpose, a more cohesive team, and strong alignment throughout the organization toward achievement of the plan.
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