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Business Model Transformation

Working with utilities around the world, “Pace Global Energy Business Advisory” increasingly sees utility management and energy industry executives searching for ways to cut costs and unlock new value streams in domains where they see new market entrants disrupt their business model.

As innovation in technology is creating new monitoring and control capabilities, new business models and regulatory frameworks are quickly coming into focus for distributed generation, renewable energy resources and intelligent grid control systems. To match these rapidly changing demands, utilities are intensely focusing on streamlining their business processes, protecting their revenue bases, opening up new customer channels and unlocking innovative value streams.

“Pace Global Energy Business Advisory” supports utilities innovating business models in order to:

  • Reach a shared understanding of what a business model actually means.
  • Create a shared language that easily describes and manipulates business models.
  • Develop a business model concept that facilitates description and discussion.
  • Enable systematic challenging of current business model assumptions.
  • Refine & simplify concepts that allow intuitive creation of new strategic alternatives.
  • Draw a blueprint for a strategic implementation at organizational level.

By using a variety of innovative tools, we actively support our customers in their transformational journey by identifying sound business models, developing detailed roadmaps and formulating a concrete implementation plan in a structured process that aligns their strengths and their business objectives with technological possibilities.

At “Pace Global Energy Business Advisory” we also understand that robust change management is a core component of a utility’s business model transformation.
Our expertise in change management helps our customers navigate potential complexities that might arise in the future as a result of changes in regulatory mechanisms, energy efficiency goals and emissions-reductions targets.

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