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Managed Transition Programs

Typical utility planning horizons range from 10 to 20 years with most big-ticket items having lifetime forecasts of 50+ years. With the blindingly-fast pace of change in the digital landscape, business as usual is no longer an option when it comes to design and planning. In the face of quickly crystallizing multiple challenges on different fronts, utilities must adapt rapidly and in the right direction in order to successfully navigate the energy transformation underway.
We support our utility clients in executing comprehensive transition programs over multiple years. Building on the Siemens’ Smart Grid Compass® framework, we support our clients in transitioning to their designed strategy through the Departure and Navigation Phases:

Managed Transition Programs
Figure: Execution Strategy for a Business Transformation Program

The Departure Phase helps initiating the program. It creates the basic structure on which the subsequent business transformation program will be built and ensures successful change within the utility organization.

Exemplary activities of this phase include:

  • Staffing the core roles including the Program Management Office (PMO).
  • Setting up the governance structure and infrastructure
  • Preparing the utility’s organization to effectively deal with process changes.
  • Executing process change initiatives and technology deployments from the program

The Navigation Phase builds on the Departure Phase by executing all process change measures, i.e., ‘initiatives’, and technology deployment plans in accordance with the designed strategies. An integral part of the Navigation Phase is active monitoring of value generation against agreed-upon value targets.

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