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Infrastructure strategies & Community Energy Plans

Technology advancements like decentralized energy resources and digitization enable energy infrastructure to regain a driving role in enabling economic, social and environmental value. Therefore, it is time for utilities to get back to their roots and drive infrastructure to enable increased prosperity in their communities.
Community Energy Plans (CEP) should translate the communities’ vision and strategy into actionable energy programs. Implementation of the energy plans and accountable target achievements are the ultimate proof of the plan and its actual reason to be. However, we often witness that CEP remain on the “shelf” once they have been elaborated for the city or community.

At Pace Global Energy business advisory, we believe that a successful CEP and infrastructure strategy requires a strong alignment among the utility providing services around infrastructure and the other participants consuming these services for value creation in this energy ‘ecosystem’.

Ultimately CEP and infrastructure strategies need to answer fundamental questions:

  • How to design a community energy plan that supports the achievement of the Community Strategic Objectives?
  • How to leverage energy infrastructure to create value for the community ?
  • How to create a sustainable community energy plan the can be implemented and is still flexible to accommodate future developments?
  • How to avoid the common planning pit-falls and bring CEP off the shelf?

It is our objective to enable the Community ecosystem in order to derive Community Energy Plans that lead to energy infrastructure which produces value for the community and enables the wider business eco-system.

For this we provide:

  • Strategic Advice for integrated strategies for value oriented infrastructure planning and development in the community context
  • Effective “Translation ” of community objectives into required utility transformation world — Integrated strategies and transformation plans, i.e. Transition Support from Vision to Strategy and operationalization
  • Business Eco-System Modeling
  • Scenario Development
  • Business Case development
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