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Market Entry Strategy

Working closely with clients, Pace Global guides businesses into energy and financial markets in a manner that allows them to ambitiously capitalize on emerging opportunities. Our expertise in purchasing, joint ventures, and self-build alternatives helps clients design business plans they can trust to grow their businesses.

From research and analysis to execution of market entry strategies, we provide:

  • Analysis of purchase, joint venture and self-build alternatives
  • Due diligence on leading companies and major projects
  • Exploration of strategic relationships and advice on project development and partnerships
  • Detailed market assessments



Recent reforms of the hydrocarbon and electricity sectors in Mexico have opened these markets to additional private participation and created unprecedented opportunities for the extraction of crude oil and natural gas reserves and the development of infrastructure for the transportation, delivery and management of energy supply.  High energy prices, substantial hydrocarbon reserves, aggressive greenhouse gas reduction mandates, and the highest forecasted energy demand growth in North America underpin the attractiveness of the Mexican energy markets.

Pace Global has been actively supporting the development of energy infrastructure for many years and understands the commercial and regulatory realities of this evolving market.  Overall, we have been involved in the development of more than 7.0 GW of power generation assets, including efficient cogeneration and renewable projects.  Pace Global employs a rigorous analytical approach and a robust toolset in our assessment of energy project opportunities in Mexico.  We routinely craft market entry strategies for new participants, support the negotiation of long-term power purchase agreements, structure energy projects to receive debt financing from lenders and advise energy intensive consumers on creating sustainable energy supply strategies.

At Pace Global, we offer:

  • Market entry strategy development and implementation
  • Independent market assessment and advisory support
  • Infrastructure development support
  • Energy contract negotiations and origination
  • M&A commercial insight
Small Scale LNG (SSLNG) and CNG

The dramatic increase in domestic natural gas production and the resulting sustained lower prices have created opportunities for natural gas to penetrate new markets in the form of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).  New businesses and supply chains are being developed to server on-road trucking, marine, oil & gas, mining, rail, and off-grid industrial markets with LNG or CNG from existing and proposed small-scale liquefaction and natural gas compression projects.

Pace Global has extensive experience working with suppliers and end-users to evaluate the technical feasibility and economic opportunity associated with the use of LNG and CNG.  We have developed proprietary market assessment tools to evaluate the supplier and user economics, forecast fuel adoption, and evaluate supply chain models.  With these tools, Pace Global identifies target markets, evaluates business and project opportunities against a range of commodity price scenarios, and develops strategies and competitive business models for suppliers, consumers, and investors.

At Pace Global, we offer:

  • Demand analysis and adoption rate forecasting
  • Independent market analysis
  • Market entry strategy development and implementation
  • Infrastructure development support
  • Contract negotiations and origination


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