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Market Forcasting and Analytics

In any planning exercise, managing risk and analyzing opportunities involves assessing an array of different potential market outcomes.  Through our MarketLink SM process, Pace Global is able to provide our clients with a meaningful range of economic projections based on different scenarios with regard to the economy, energy supply and demand, fuel prices, electricity consumption and renewable generation mix.

Drawing upon a broad range of knowledge and expertise in macroeconomics, fuel markets, power markets, environmental markets and policy and engineering, Pace Global provides a set of fundamental market driver scenarios that can establish effective frameworks for decision-making.  Our process allows our clients to examine performance under a range of outcomes rather than a single-point projection.  Our methods include:

  • State-of-the-art analytical framework with MarketLinkSM
  • Quantified ranges of outcomes for various “states of the world”
  • Targeted analysis around key drivers for our clients, such as fuel prices, energy demand growth, power market outcomes and policy structures
  • Customized scenario development to meet the needs of specific client issues and opportunities
Pace Global