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Natural Gas Market Advisory

At Place Global, we understand that new market dynamics call for new strategies.  Whether in the natural gas, coal, or petroleum markets, our experts at Pace Global provide trusted advice and a time-tested perspective that ensure our clients understand the risks associated with their long-term investment and how to mitigate such risk and enhance value.

Our natural gas advisory services are well grounded in our deep commercial expertise, as well as our tactical day-to-day experience providing fuel procurement and risk management services.  Our client engagements range from detailed, quantitative analysis on specific assets or market areas, to comprehensive, strategic assessments of domestic and international markets.  Whatever the engagement, our expert team provides trusted advice and a time-tested perspective that ensures your engagement objectives are met in a timely and cost effective manner.

At Pace Global, we provide the following for the natural gas market:

  • Analysis of North American supply, demand and infrastructure dynamics
  • Regional, national,  and international perspectives of market developments and trends
  • Informed perspective on future market conditions
  • Long term price and basis forecasts for major gas market and supply area liquid trading points
  • Market forecasting, utilizing a broad range of “states of the world” and quantitative analytics designed to yield a forward-looking view of the market that is aligned and supports with your mission, risk/reward culture, and strategy
  • Assessments of the competitive landscape
  • Comprehensive, risk-integrated project assessments



Natural Gas Storage

Natural gas storage remains a vital and complementary component of the North American natural gas market, even though asset utilization levels have cycled from highs in 2006 to recent lows.  Evolving market dynamics, coupled with our associated projected increase in natural gas volatility, will present both risk and opportunity or natural gas storage in the next decade and beyond.

Pace Global helps our customers identify and understand their risks and take advantage of these opportunities through market fundamentals analysis, market assessments, commercial optimization assessments, and robust valuation tools.  Our practical, probability-based assessment method gives our clients a complete picture of the upside and downside potential of their assets and investments.

At Pace Global, we offer:

  • Independent market assessment and advisory support
  • Asset and portfolio valuation
  • Storage rates forecast
  • Contract negotiations and origination
Liquefied Natural Gas

Our LNG market experience is deep in both the Atlantic and Pacific basins and includes all major target markets for LNG supply and several emerging markets.  We have an LNG experience base that includes all segments of the LNG value chain as well as throughout the life-cycle of a business initiative or project.  Our unique upstream and global gas experience provides clients with an objective view of their performance and portfolios and that of competitors in the LNG business from exploration and production to commercial markets.

At Pace Global, we offer:

  • Independent market assessment and advisory support
  • LNG pricing and logistics strategy support
  • Infrastructure development support
  • Contract negotiations and origination
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