Pace Global

Regulatory Services

Pace Global’s comprehensive understanding of the needs of infrastructure developers, energy suppliers and transporters, along with consumers of their service offerings, creates a unique perspective to:

  • Comply with regulatory requirements in obtaining certificates to construct facilities
  • Comply with ongoing operational regulatory filings
  • Advocate positions in rates cases and other regulatory proceedings
  • Demonstrate whether markets are sufficiently competitive to allow market-based rates. 


We deploy this expertise for both energy suppliers and those who are subscribing to the services of the regulated entity with the following offers:

  • Rate design and regulatory strategy development
  • FERC Section 7C certificate filing support, including assessment of market needs, market power studies and pro forma tariffs
  • FERC regulatory filings for operating pipeline and storage facilities, including tariff maintenance and routine compliance filings
  • State PUC and FERC rate case preparation
  • Advocacy for shipper and consumer groups in rate case and other regulatory proceedings
Pace Global