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Enterprise Risk Management

Pace Global’s clients experience growing market complexities and internal challenges warranting the adoption of a risk-cognizant business culture focused on maximizing risk-adjusted return on capital across a number of potential investment alternatives. 

We assist clients in understanding, measuring, and mitigating potential enterprise risks to corporate profitability under a structured enterprise risk management (ERM) program.  Pace Global’s ERM program is backed by a best-in-class enterprise risk management process and metrics system. We approach ERM system applications in a three-step process:

  1. Identify and prioritize quantifiable enterprise risk assessments by risk category including energy commodity prices, emissions values and weather-related impacts on supply and demand.  We also include contingent-event risk driven by non-predictable issues specific to the firm or related to industry externalities.
  2. Based on the identified risks, risk-cognizant performance metrics and target expectations to govern ERM compliance targets are developed.  This provides senior executives with the necessary information to make reasonable and informed decisions.
  3. A response and feedback mechanism is generated to effectively integrate ERM with capital investment.  This allows for a risk capital allocation and evaluation methodology that effectively creates transparency through probability assessments to adapt to constantly changing economic conditions.
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