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Risk Program Evaluation

In a risk-cognizant organization, it is imperative to establish transparent metrics to track program effectiveness and to prioritize risk exposure identification, metric and mitigation strategies on an ongoing basis.  Pace Global evaluates existing risk management program design to provide clients with an objective and insightful basis for enhancing their program effectiveness. 

To assist clients in identifying and ranking areas of improvement in their commodity and/or enterprise risk management programs, we evaluate based on well-established criteria, including industry standards organizations, rating agencies and other sources of historical and emerging best practice. 

Pace Global utilizes its assessment process for a number of purposes:

  • To inform companies of their performance gaps and priorities in program re-constitution
  • To provide useful peer practice information for benchmarking purposes
  • To assist in readiness for internal or external audit reviews
  • To address specific aspects of program under-performance, from hedging strategy development and program simulation to hedge effectiveness testing
  • To establish the basis for a more risk-cognizant culture backed by performance metrics and incentives for both risk mitigation and reward capture
Pace Global