Pace Global

Business Planning

Pace Global takes a structured and quantified approach to strategic planning, starting with high level strategic workshops and then documenting market and business case assumptions using highly functional financial, risk and market models. This cutting-edge quantitative evaluation framework and process allows us to compare strategic paths under a wide range of market, technology advance and regulatory frameworks. As a result of this interactive process, our clients can define business plan direction, range of expected outcomes, and financial impacts through a proven strategic planning framework.

What we offer:

  • Identification of market and regulatory futures both with and without rapid disruptive technology adoption
  • Support for solid business decisions using ambitious implementation strategies and comprehensive capital allocation models and financial performance metrics
  • Planning and execution of market entry and expansion strategies
  • Identification of principal goals, objectives and priority directions
  • Market and case assumption documentation using financial and market models
  • Strategic path results comparison and analysis with discrete scenario and probabilistic range of outcomes
Pace Global