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Distributed Energy Resources

Rapid technology adaptation at declining unit costs and the introduction of real-time communications, control technology and energy storage are revolutionizing the role of distributed energy resources as a significant and dynamic growth component of the traditional generation and transmission–anchored utility system.

As a result, Pace Global, in combination with our Siemens partners and select third parties, is positioned to provide a risk-integrated resource planning inclusive of the distribution level of the grid, distributed generation and demand response resources. 

Pace Global performs risk-integrated distribution planning to support a number of client objectives and critical questions, including:

  • The level of potential renewable energy penetration economically achievable across a grid given target customer costs of service
  • The value of relieving grid system constraints via DER investments relative to traditional transmission and distribution system capital investments
  • The appropriate allocation of fixed vs. variable (fuel, O&M and energy) costs and benefits, respectively, for renewable energy customers and providers at different points in the distribution grid
  • The potential payback from flexible energy storage, or virtual storage in the form of demand response and dispatch able generation, in balancing system load and energy supply while ensuring stable and reliable operations
Pace Global