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Siemens brings together Siemens PTI and PACE Global consulting practices

New organization to provide strengthened energy market transformation

In support of advancing its vision to lead and innovate in the power and energy
industry, Siemens is bringing together its Power Technologies International
(Siemens PTI) and Pace Global Energy Industry Consulting practices into one
integrated energy consulting organization. The new organization will combine
Siemens PTI’s Business Transformation Services (BTS) strategy practice with Pace
Global’s market advisory and commercial services offerings to offer more expansive
planning solutions and strategic consulting services for 21st century energy industry.

With the addition of the Pace Global family of offerings, Siemens PTI positions itself
well ahead of our competition and enhances our ability to meet the challenges and
opportunities of today’s energy landscape. Ranging from regulatory changes to the
technology revolution driven by distributed energy resources and smart grids, this
new organization offers unprecedented planning solutions coupled with strategic
insight into the industry.

The addition of the new offerings from Pace Global allow Siemens to better advise
clients across the energy system in their transformation from an energy provider to
an energy services organization for the future. The new organization also
strengthens Siemens’ ability to help power operators manage emerging
technologies driving bi-directional energy flow and the resulting emerging ‘prosumer’

The organization will operate under Siemens Digital Grid, a business uniquely
positioned to provide utilities and power providers across the globe with insight and
advanced technologies to manage power more efficiency and intelligently. In the
U.S., Siemens Digital Grid works with customers including Direct Energy,
CenterPoint, Consolidated Edison, American Electric Power and many other utilities
and communities to help them address the challenges and take advantage of the
opportunities of a 21st century energy mix.

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